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Don’t Take Shortcuts with Sprayer Safety
RoGator Self Propelled SprayerThe RoGator not only has superior safety features, it has also been engineered to be the most efficient in the field.

It’s easy to get busy and take shortcuts, but when it comes to operator safety when shortcuts are not an option. It’s important to wear safety gear, utilize the proper spraying equipment and know about the chemicals being applied.

Paul Haefner, AGCO Application Equipment Division marketing specialist in Jackson, Minn., stresses the importance of safety when operating spraying equipment and provides an example of how seriously it’s considered on the RoGator sprayers. “Our triple air filtration system in the cab creates the cleanest in-cab air quality in the industry, and reduces any chance of chemicals entering the operator station.”

Other helpful features on the RoGator to maximize safety include:

  • Storage compartments on the vehicle for contaminated gear, which helps to prevent cross contamination.
  • Reloading station located close to the ground for safe reloading.
  • Separate water tank for a large clean water supply.
  • Proper lighting & hazard lights.
  • Reflective markers for visibility.
  • Safety rails around all decks and ladders.
  • Wide bars on decks and ladders to prevent slipping and mud buildup.
  • Low profile and boom racking for maximum visibility on roadways.

“Many times people hurry and they try to speed up the job. That’s when they get in trouble,” he says. “If you take your time and you’re informed, it could help prevent accidents in the field.”

Having the proper equipment for the task is a key step. While most self-propelled applicators come with industry standard safety features, be sure to chat with your AGCO Application Equipment dealer to learn about the specifics. In addition, here are the minimum standards to look for when purchasing spraying equipment:

  • Railings on all ladders and decks to provide three points of contact.
  • Grips on stairs to help traction.
  • Filter systems within the cab to reduce chemical exposure.

Industry standards are relatively low when it comes to protection. But, for operators looking for a machine designed for safety, look no further than the RoGator. The AGCO Application Division engineered the RoGator with superior safety features to protect the operator. Features include:

The RoGator not only has superior safety features, it has also been engineered to be the most efficient in the field. Built with exclusive flex frame technology, the RoGator ensures all four wheels remain on the ground at all times. It flexes an extra 14 inches, creating more ground time and better traction. In addition, a hydraulically-released parking brake ensures the machine will automatically brake if there is a loss of power.

The right equipment can help prevent many accidents but it’s also important to remember the safety tips the operator can do on their own. Knowing the chemical and how it affects the operator once exposed is half the battle. By knowing and understanding the label instructions for the chemical being applied, the operator can dress appropriately. This may include clothing that covers the entire body, water resistant boots, gloves and eye wear, and a non-mesh cap or face mask.

Beyond the safety attributes found on equipment and safety gear, it’s important that an applicator exercises safety by being aware of their surroundings and by following procedure. It’s easy to forget to wear clean safety gear or to fill the fresh water tank.

Also, there are many obstacles that can sit in or above your field. Make a mental note of your surroundings when you’re operating the boom. If there is another person assisting the operator, it’s important to communicate.

Whether a new operator, or old, little reminders can prevent mistakes. It’s important to slow down and do the task right, and without accidents.