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Hooked on Smart
Technology helps equipment boost production in the field.
RoGatorFrom GPS steering systems to multi-product applications to automatic boom section control; these new technology tools offered through the AGCO Application Equipment division can enhance your ability to accurately apply crop inputs.

The use of electronics controlling the implements on a sprayer is increasing as professional producers continue to strive for maximum yields and profitability in their fields. Whether it’s varying rates according to maps or avoiding overlap by shutting off individual nozzles or rows, new application technology provides a broad range of benefits.

Technology options offered through the AGCO Application Equipment division are constantly changing. And, so is the ease of using this technology. From GPS steering systems to multi-product applications to automatic boom section control; these new technology tools can enhance your ability to accurately apply crop inputs.

The need for technology upgrades is increasing as equipment becomes larger. For example, the boom length on a RoGator can now goes up to 120 ft. This increases the demand for useful tools to maximize the effectiveness of the machines, so the you don’t end up trading efficiency for accuracy.

Studies have shown that even if a human operator is driving a machine well, it can still vary several feet in either direction. With GPS guidance technology, skips and overlaps can be minimized, resulting in the appropriate use of inputs and less yield loss.

In fact, research from Ohio State University and the University of Florida on the economics of precision guidance with automatic boom control showed that the higher the cost of material sprayed, the greater the economic benefit of the precision spraying system. And with the increasing cost of inputs in today’s production environment, the return on investment for guidance systems has never been better.

A few of the optional “smart” systems offered on RoGator applicators include:

  • Falcon VT Control System
    • Controls single- or multi-product applications of either liquid or dry inputs in either a straight rate or variable rate fashion. No other system in the industry offers this level of flexibility and control.
    • ISO compatible, with a touch-sensitive screen, which is integrated into the vehicle’s system via the CANbus network.
    • It can be easily programmed to carry out many repetitive tasks by simply pressing a button, making things much easier for the user
  • Raven SCS 4000/5000 Series Consoles
    • Economical, simple design engineered for easy operation, maintenance and upgrade capability.
    • Complete CANbus-driven control over product application based on three areas:
      • Boom width o Desired flow rate
      • Speed
  • Raven Viper
    • Touch screen monitor allows operator to make straight rate applications or variably apply inputs according to application maps.
    • Create spot-spray maps and the Raven controller automatically turns the product off and on according to the map.
    • Creates an as-applied map of the job for future record-keeping.
  • GPS Autosteering System
    • Fully automatic steering system is proven to help save fuel, reduce overlaps and boost productivity, while reducing operator fatigue.
    • AGCO Application Equipment has several autosteering options with various levels of accuracy to match your production needs. Contact your RoGator dealer for more information.