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Articulated Tractors

457 HP - 598 HP


Articulated Tractors

457 HP - 598 HP


  • 16.8L, 12 cylinder AGCO POWER™ engine - power through with big implements in tough terrain.
  • Greater torque rise over a wider range of RPM’s for unmatched towing ability and maximum productivity
  • Higher sustained torque curve that operates at lower RPMs to save on fuel and extend engine life
  • The CAT® 16-speed Powershift transmission keeps you moving with 8 gears in the working range and a transport speed of up to 24.9 MPH
  • Up to 321 liters per minute hydraulic flow


Able and Agile, With Plenty of Muscle

In site preparation and land-leveling, the goal is to move dirt as quickly as possible. For the lowest cost. The MT900E Series Special Application Tractors combine productivity and efficiency to do just that.

The combination of power, speed and agility means you can quickly and efficiently move dirt from Point A to Point B with one machine, one operator and up to two towed scrapers. You get an unexpected alternative that provides superior performance and productivity, while saving you time and money.

And that’s the perfect combination you always want.


AGCO Power™ 16.8L Engine

AGCO Power™ engines are ruggedly designed to handle tough jobsites. By generating a greater torque rise over a wider range of RPM, you get unmatched towing ability for maximum productivity. No downshifting saves on fuel, extending the life of the engine.

Up to 85 GPM

The optional twin-pump design provides a flow of up to 85 GPM, and offers incredible control and stability while reducing fuel consumption. Take full command of the MT900E’s formidable hydraulics system with up to 6 remotes and couplers.

Cat transmission

Built with the most demanding jobsites in mind, the CAT 16-speed Powershift transmission gives you 8 gears in the working range while providing a transport speed of up to 25 MPH. Smoother shifting and better control helps you keep working longer.


Auto-Guide™ uses advanced satellite navigation to steer the tractor, leaving operators free to focus their attention on optimizing settings and monitoring their work. This easy-to-use system helps reduce input costs and operator fatigue.

Simple To Use

On a busy construction site where time is money, you need a machine that multiple individuals can handle. Easily, efficiently and with minimal downtime.


The MT900E scraper tractors are built with the operator in mind. Ergonomically designed and loaded with convenient features, these machines keep you comfortable even on the longest days at the jobsite.




Engine hp (kW)


AGCO Power™ 16.8L

500 (365)


AGCO Power™ 16.8L

550 (402)


AGCO Power™ 16.8L

600 (440)

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