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Asmark Institute Applicator Training

Asmark and AGCO have teamed up to offer hands-on professional Applicator Training courses in liquid and dry application for both new and experienced applicators. By design, each training course is geared to address the specific needs of an individual just starting a career as a professional applicator or a seasoned veteran honing the skills necessary to be the most professional applicator possible.

Applicator Training Courses

New Applicators

Up To 3 Years Experience

One of the greatest challenges farm centers face today is hiring and properly training the special group of employees known as professional applicators. These individuals must possess an expertise that ranges from math, measurements, chemistry and use of technology, including the role of customer service. AGCO and the Asmark Institute have developed this course specifically for new applicators with up to three years of experience.

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Experienced Applicators

More Than 3 Years Experience

Applicators play a critical role in the success of their organization. This course is designed to help you become the most professional applicator possible. Every farmer that selects you and your business to apply fertilizer or crop protection chemicals has given you one of the highest compliments that can be paid. They are placing their trust in you and your company.

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Application Operator Series Training

For quick tips from the application industry experts, see the Application Operator Series training videos on how to complete basic tasks with the RoGator and TerraGator. These short videos are designed to get you up and running fast. Whether learning new skills or getting a quick refresher, you'll find plenty of topics to choose from.

Application Operator Videos

Featured Topics

  • Chassis Operation
    • Button Identification
    • Drive System Operation
    • Maintenance Items
  • Liquid System Operation
    • Recirculation Operation (RoGator Only)
    • Boom Priming Functionality (RoGator Only)
    • Boom Clean Out Operation (RoGator Only)
    • System Maintenance Functions
    • Reload Station Operation
  • AirMax Precision Operation
    • Raven Setup
    • Bed Chain Calibrations
  • Spinner Operation
    • Boundary Spread Functionality
    • Bin Chaining Setup
  • Raven Systems Operation
    • Raven VSN setup and use
    • Raven Hawkeye Operation

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