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Sprayers & Floaters


RoGator Liquid

RoGator offers ag retailers and growers next level crop protection and accuracy. It’s innovative LiquidLogicTM system reduces product waste, provides a more effective cleanout and greater product consistency.
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RoGator Dry

Competitors wish they had the industry-leading accuracy of the RoGator dry application system.
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TerraGator Liquid

A storied history of success, with all the tools to take your operation into the future—that’s the TerraGator® liquid application systems specifically designed to give you full control over the four Rs of nutrient management: right source, right rate, right time, and right place.
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TerraGator Dry

The TerraGator® dry application system is nothing if not precise. With AGCO’s pneumatic boom technology, you’ll make quick work of uneven terrain, wind, and whatever else gets thrown your way.
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