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Track Tractors

380 HP - 431 HP


Track Tractors

380 HP - 431 HP


  • Maximum torque at low RPM for unmatched pulling power and maximum fuel efficiency
  • Accu-VT transmission for unmatched ride quality and efficiency, up to 25 mph
  • Mobil-trac™ system provides better traction and ride no matter the terrain
  • Up to 116 GPM of hydraulic capacity to power the largest seeders and planters
  • A customizable multi-function joystic and a convenient 10.4" touch screen terminal put absolute control over your machine right at your fingertips
  • Superior flotation and a high level of tractive efficiency over a wide range of soil conditions


The wow begins with the AccuDrive™ powertrain on the MT700 Series. Simply put, it maximizes engine torque at slow speeds, creating efficiencies throughout the driveline. That means you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions more efficiently than ever before, saving wear and tear on your machine, and reducing fuel costs.

The MT700 Series inherits common architecture from the Challenger 1000, the most technologically advanced tractor available today. It's engineered with all the capabilities for which Challenger is known, along with an innovative suite of on-board intelligence upgrades that boost productivity and improve decision-making for your operation. The MT700 Series has been designed with two things in mind —you, and your business.


AGCO Power™ Engine

The highly efficient 7-cylinder engine was improved with a high-torque, low-engine-speed concept that delivers 1,400 ft./lbs. of torque at 1,275 RPM — perfect for heavy draft work. The engine, transmission, fan and hydraulics are precisely engineered to work at their highest capacity at these low engine speeds.

Accu-VT™ Transmission

The transmission provides optimal coordination with the engine for peak performance and productivity across multiple applications. During field operations, torque is transferred flexibly, resulting in tremendous pulling power. The continuously variable operation allows for 65 ft./hour to 25 mph all in one range without any intervention by the operator.

Concentric Air System (CAS)

A high-performance fan located in front of the cooler unit sucks in cold, dense air, accelerates it over the concentrically formed hood and presses it through the radiator. The CAS has its own hydrostatic drive, delivering ideal cooling power to each component — according to need — independent of engine speed.

Mobil-Trac™ System

Challenger’s legendary Mobil-trac system has been enhanced with a longer wheelbase at 101 in. (257 cm). Its unique pivoting tri-bogie mid-wheels keep the tractor in constant contact with the ground for better traction, more pulling ability, greater fuel efficiency and a smoother ride. The design also improves vehicle balance, while distributing weight over a greater area, in effect reducing the deep compaction that restricts plant root growth.


All operating tasks and functions are right at your fingertips, including the Advantage joystick, PTO controls, hydraulic fingertip valves and more. You save time, plus distraction and fatigue are minimized.

Two-Point Cab Suspension

The cab suspension consists of two rugged coil-over shock absorbers, which provide a significant comfort advantage for the operator. Ground vibrations, typically transmitted by the rear axle during rough roading or field conditions, are greatly reduced. This innovative suspension allows a full 4 in. (100 mm) of travel at the rear of the cab, absorbing and dissipating the jarring ground vibrations you encounter with standard or quad-track systems.




Engine hp (kW)

PTO hp (kW)





380 (279)

285 (212)

7-cylinder, 9.8 Liter, AGCO Power

AccuDrive CVT

Standard 58 GPM ; Optional 116 GPM Dual-Pump, Dual-Circuit


405 (298)

310 (231)

7-cylinder, 9.8 Liter, AGCO Power

AccuDrive CVT

Standard 58 GPM ; Optional 116 GPM Dual-Pump, Dual-Circuit


431 (317)

335 (249)

7-cylinder, 9.8 Liter, AGCO Power

AccuDrive CVT

Standard 58 GPM ; Optional 116 GPM Dual-Pump, Dual-Circuit

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